Friday, August 22, 2008

notes on this week

- The library had it's annual pre-fall semester meeting yesterday. It was as awkward as expected but I think I managed to avoid being volunteered for any committees this year, which is always my number one goal. It isn't that I'm not a team player. It's just that I don't like playing on teams.

- Speaking of the fall semester, the freshmen have arrived! MaryT has already given them some advice. The only thing I have to add is 1. learn to drive, please, before you maim someone (like me) and 2. the free chicken sandwich is not worth the bible study meeting which they are using the free chicken sandwiches to lure you to. I do not know this from experience, but I am an expert at deduction.

- My digital camera is messed up. Any time I try to zoom in, I get a lens error and it shuts down. This might be due to the fact that Nathan dropped said camera on the patio, or because my little point-and-shoot heard about the sweet ass and super expensive Nikon camera my department just purchased *cough*tenthousanddollarlens*cough* and died of embarrassment. Either way, I hope to get some good pictures of New York and meanwhile remain too scared to hold the Nikon for more than seven seconds in a row.

- New York! Tomorrow! Yay!

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