Thursday, September 11, 2008

life list: purchase my own laptop

A few weeks ago, I semi-impulsively bought a Macbook. Well, my credit card bought it. I simply reaped the rewards and the debt. So far, I really love having my own computer. For the girl who didn't have an email address until she was a freshman in college, who grew up in a home devoid of gadgets, whose parents still have a phone with a cord - this is quite the accomplishment. I've already downloaded the latest Firefox, scored the Adobe's creative suite, had hours of hilarity with the Photobooth program, and worked on a whole bunch of stories, both old and new. I know it's silly to credit my newfound discipline in creating and sticking to a writing schedule, but the Mac is so pretty and welcoming (and expensive) that not writing on it whenever I can feels tragic. This was one of the goals I was most looking forward to accomplishing, and I'm super excited to cross it off the list.

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