Thursday, September 11, 2008

life list: get a purchase college hooded sweatshirt

Despite the fact that I loved Purchase College with every fiber of my being (in retrospect, of course. During my four years there, I loved complaining about it even more) I never thought to buy any Purchase College gear. Purchase just wasn't the kind of school that you dressed yourself in. People were too INDIVIDUAL there to risk wearing the same thing as 1,000 other students. But since I've been working at SFA, I've come to appreciate a whole different kind of college student. The kind of student that joins fraternities or sororities, goes to football games, and knows their school colors/school song/school mascot by heart. (Purchase's official school colors were heliotrope and puce, which says something.) At any rate, being overrun in a sea of purple (SFA's school color) has made me wish I had something Purchase-y to set me apart. Yes, I see the irony in that statement. No, it doesn't change my animal urges. Ella, one of my best friends and one time college roommate, sent me a Purchase hoodie for my birthday, because she reads this blog and is hard at work at her own 101 list. So thanks, Ella! You're a doll and those SFA kids better check themselves.

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