Monday, September 22, 2008


Despite having my second attempt at seeing Sex and the City for one dollar cruelly thwarted (first Ike, then projection issues) I still managed to have a fine and productive weekend. Since most of my news ties in with last week's resolutions, I'll start there.

For the first time, I managed to complete all three of my goals! On Sunday, I went for a two mile run with Sonnie and Mary. I didn't time myself, because I had not run in months and wanted to focus on simply finishing, and while the first half mile was murder, it did get easier. I also caught up on my weekly writing yesterday. I had low motivation while the power was out, but made up for lost time by sitting down and finishing my current story. I clocked in 3,136 words this week. The story I was working on was just about 8,000 words long, which is crazy, considering I usually average about 5,000 word stories and I didn't even really like this one. Maybe that means I am growing up to be more prolific? I hope so. And the push up challenge. So far, so good. Push ups are hard but I found a new muscle in my arm the other day, which was encouraging. I am just about finished with week one of the plan, and have heard scary things about week two. We'll see how I fare.

This week's goals are more of the same:

1. Run two miles, twice. I will probably go for a run during the weekend, but fitting a weekday run in will be tricky, seeing as I am already so busy Monday through Friday. Hm...

2. Write two flash fictions pieces, and outline a new story. Flash fiction is usually 500 words or less. I think of them as poetry/fiction hybrids, which I like. You really only have time for the most important moment of the story, and you have to find the very best words because that's all there's time for. Fun! And outlining a new story will set me up for next week's work.

3. Create book-binding worksheet and practice stitches before Saturday. I am leading the monthly crafty renegades meeting this week and I'm teaching book binding. Which means I have to remember how to bind books before Saturday. Whee!


  1. Good work!

    I don't know about you, but new muscles from push-ups made it hard to type the next day. If it makes you feel better, I'm done with week two and I'm not sore at all.

    Three cheers for you.

  2. You rock on with your bad self.

    writing and exercise goals are daunting adversaries (as I battle them myself).

  3. KB - so far, I can type all right. I am glad to know week 2 is not as bad at the hype claims.

    VM - writing and exercise are daunting indeed, which is why I have to spell them out and publish them gratuitously on the Internets. It's the only way I know to hold myself accountable!

  4. I'll be curious to hear what you think of SATC, if you manage to see it. I loved the show but had major issues with the movie.

  5. Way to go on reaching some of your goals! I need to get back into running myself.
    And how cool about teaching book binding! You should do a blog tutorial :-)