Friday, September 26, 2008

getting to the end of friday

I got volunteered for the library's Social Committee. This committee is in charge of formally acknowledging various events in library employees' lives, like births, weddings, retirements, and deaths. Each committee member received a copy of the (very detailed, very thorough) policies to which we must faithfully adhere. On the one hand, I think the committee is a good idea and the guidelines necessary - over 50 people work here, it can be hard to keep track of everyone, and the guidelines insure that no one is shown favoritism or, for that matter, disdain. On the other hand - WTF? If someone is resigning who has worked here less than ten years, their department takes care of the event. If they've been with the library more than ten years, the social committee will give them a gift not to exceed $50.00. Excluding tax. Wow, I said to myself. That is pretty darn specific. We already had one meeting and my crash course in social grace was... interesting. At any rate, it is already way better than the Holiday Committee I was on last year, during which I, as a confirmed atheist, had to help organize the annual Christmas party and decorate a tree. Pure blasphemy. I am getting off easy with the Social Committee.

The local Democrats are apparently hosting a Debate Watch Party at Harlon's BBQ tonight, but I can't find any other information about it. I'd like to go because Harlon's is cool, but I don't know if the party is still on, if the debate is still being held, if McCain is done pulling stupid stunts, or if I should just start planning a move to Canada now. I am 99% sure Obama will be the next president of the United States, but that 1% is especially terrifying. Can Harlon make it all better? I hope so.

Oh god. Twitter unleashed a special Election page, dedicated to nothing but tweets fueled by politics. It updates constantly. It feeds me links, opinions, polls, funny jokes, messages of hope, and rage-inducing commentary. I love it. I hate it. I am never accomplishing anything else ever again.

Yesterday, I was eating raw almonds, which I buy each week from the bulk foods section of the health food store and keep in a sealed container in my desk for daily snacking. Well, I was snacking away when I glanced at the container and saw, crawling innocently on the lid, one. Single. Maggot. After freaking out and checking all the almonds, I convinced myself that it was indeed a lone maggot and that I had not consumed any of the bugs while eating my almonds. I don't know where the maggot came from or how it found it's way into the vicinity of my snacks, but I was not happy. I had flashbacks of my "almond" chocolate bar from last year and wondered why maggots seem to be drawn to my food. It's alarming and not funny AT ALL.

But at least it's Friday.


  1. You do seem to have bad luck when it comes to maggots!

  2. social committee...*shudder* i'd rather decorate a xmas tree. :)'s what's for dinner!

  3. im sorry but i did laugh. thats so terrible! maggots are despicable. im glad youre updating about library events.

    im going to start my very own blog soon. ill keep you updated.

  4. The maggots are pretty traumatizing, but I'm already over it. Seeing them is not as bad as eating them. Unfortunately, I speak from experience.

    Can't wait to read your blog, Katie!

  5. Good job on working in a library that acknowledges the social aspect of the human condition, but leave it to librarians to take a little bit of the fun out of it. I can so relate.

    I can always hear my mother saying "that's enough to gag a maggot" every time maggots come into your life. :)

  6. NO. This is not what I expected to read about after being away from the internet for a month. Maggots? Again? WTF to that!

    I've missed you and reading your blog. So excited to be back in the loop :)

  7. OMG! WTF!?!?!?!
    what is it with maggots and almonds---and YOU!?!? you poor thing! being an almond-fan myself, this post sent me running into the kitchen to check my stash of almonds. MAGGOTS?!?

    also, i reeeaalllly hated to miss your book-binding extravaganza. We were out of town, or i would've been there. maybe i can get in on those instruction sheets?!?!?

  8. thanks for all your horrified comments, friends. they make the maggots go down a bit easier.