Thursday, September 04, 2008

i can't wait for november

Yes, she has vagina. No, that fact alone does not qualify her for my "feminist" vote, considering she's so anti-woman it would be funny - if she weren't in running for the number two spot in the "free world." Lots is being said about Sarah Palin right now, and rather than add my own two (furious) cents to the pile, here's a kick ass video that simply tells it like it is.

Can I get a boo-yah?


  1. You started you post with "vagina" (tee hee) and ended with a kick-ass illdoctrine video. Awsum pst kthnx!

    Illdoctrine, by the way has now made its way into my Google Reader, thanks to you.

  2. i only ever see this guy's videos when the feminist blogs repost them, but i'm going to subscribe to his blog too. he's so good! i'm glad you liked the video.

  3. I read a blog I read a blog.
    I have been reading your writing for the past hour!! Its good to hear about you.

    I will start a blog!!


  4. I've watched his videos before. I'm not gonna lie ... I may have a little crush on him.