Monday, September 29, 2008

is it monday already?

Lots of fun times this weekend. On Friday, we headed over to Harlon's BBQ to watch the Presidential Debate. John McCain decided to show up, the local democrats had taken over the back corner of the building, and I got a good seat and a great view of the action. I thought McCain performed better than I expected, but I also think that Obama definitely held his own and exuded a very presidential air. I am also sure that Obama will only get better as the debates go on and that McCain will falter, fumble and crumble. I'm especially excited about this week's debate between Palin and Biden. Politics are so much fun!

Saturday night, I went to Sonnie's for a craft night. It was a small group and I taught the ladies some bookbinding methods. We had a good time, but I still owe everyone an instruction sheet. I'm working on it! Also, I got to spend time with Toby, Sonnie's bull terrier, which is always a treat.

Sunday was pretty busy, too. I went for a run with Sonnie at the Rec Center and finished two miles in 19.08 minutes - exciting! Then Nathan and I did errands and cleaned the house. I attempted a new recipe for Eggplant Bharta, but it was super spicy and I couldn't finish my plate. Damn those Jalapeno seeds. After dinner, Nathan and I went for a ride on Lanana Creek Trail which was pretty fun. And then it was time for wine and movies and sleep.

And now it's Monday - again! And so soon! - and the next weekend is so far away. Sigh. Luckily, I have some projects up my sleeve and some half formed plans in my head. Stay tuned to see where those lead and have a happy week in the meantime. <3


  1. That was pretty much my assessment of the debate as well. I'm soooo looking forward to the Palin/Biden debate - what a massacre that's going to be!

  2. aw! it's my toby boy...the white terror!

  3. apparently palin is in "debate camp" as we speak. whee!

    and that toby is so photogenic! i hope josie doesn't get jealous. ;)

  4. Shoot! I hate that I missed the Crafting group. Hope we have a repeat soon!

  5. i think we'll do bookbinding again at some point. we didn't even touch on making hardcovers!