Friday, September 05, 2008

a picture's worth a thousand posts

I just updated my Flickr account for the first time in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see some photos that I don't entirely remember taking. Here are some highlights.

My sister lives in Astoria, and for lunch she took me to a cute Greek cafe around the block from her apartment. Lunch mostly consisted of a pitcher of Sangria, which was fine with me. Plus - outdoor seating! My favorite!

My dad really wanted to take me out on his little boat, and I couldn't deny him that simple request. Boating is fun but nerve-racking, especially when you are in the smallest boat and the bigger boats go speeding by, sending monstrous waves towards you.

Another beach day with Abby and Allie, which featured more Sangria. Noticing a theme on this vacation? I made fake shadow puppets in the sky and it was fun.

My grandparents! They're in their 70's, have been married over 50 years, have spawned a huge and sprawling family of epic proportions, belong to a Senior citizens club, visited Mount Rushmore last year, and love to drive each other crazy. A lot to look up to, right there.

Nathan brought me flowers at work this week! We're not really the candy-and-flowers type, so it was a sweet gesture and a pleasant surprise. Yay love!


  1. i love it when you play show and tell with your photos. :)

  2. i'm glad you appreciate it, because i like doing it too. :)

  3. totally, you take really nice photos, and they're fun. I love your making shadow puppets in the sun!

    Also, love the grandparents, flowers, and outdoor sangria. JEALOUS of the boating. mmmmm water. but yeah, people don't seem to respect nautical rules of niceness anymore.

    I was sorry that NYC was too very big for your last visit. Hopefully next time.

  4. Shadow puppets in the sky! Another great Chrissy pic for my walls!!!

    THanks so much :)

  5. mia, we'll get around to visiting one day. half my life is in new york, so i will for sure be back.

    and bobbie, i'm glad i can help dress up your walls! :)