Tuesday, September 16, 2008

picturing a hurricane

I'm back at work today, despite still being powerless at home. On the bright side, Texas is experiencing some really beautiful weather this week. It's been in the 70's during the day and as low as the 50's at night, which is such a relief. After Hurricane Rita, we were without power for six days, during which time it was around 100 degrees and humid as hell. This is not nearly as bad and so I will refrain from complaining and simply say that reading by candle light is actually pretty fun.

I posted an Ike Album on Flickr, but here are some highlights from the storm.

Ike was in full swing, tearing through Nacogdoches and pulling down lots of trees and branches. This photo was taken through my living room window. By the end of the hurricane, our parking lot was covered in greenery. It was pretty!

I got bored and took some self portraits with the timer on my camera. Seamus was curious and tried to get in on the action. (Also, I just noticed that I look like I'm not wearing a shirt in this picture. I am wearing a shirt! I swear! You can even see some pink behind my wrist.)

Once the storm passed, we went walking around with the dog and took pictures of some of the destruction within walking distance. There was plenty to look at.

Lot of trees were laying on top of houses, crushing fences, pulling power lines down to the street, and poking their branches through windows. Sure, we still don't have electricity in our house, but things could have been a lot worse. We feel pretty damn lucky.

All in all, Ike didn't treat us too badly and the town seems to be pulling itself back together. The University canceled classes and work yesterday, but today is business as usual. I'm charging my cell phone and laptop in my office and planning meals that don't involve refrigeration, so if you have any delicious vegan recipes that can be cooked on a two burner camping stove and require little to no fresh ingredients, let me know!


  1. I am going to go out on a fallen limb and say the whole hurricane was worth the picture of Seamus squeezing into your portrait of a hurricane survivor. Well, okay, maybe not the whole hurricane. But I love that photo! My own Ike album TK!

  2. i'm glad you & your place are okay!

    did you hear bitch magazine might be folding if they can't get enough donations by mid october? you can read about it on the site. boo!


  3. i read that about bitch this morning! that's so disappointing. i've been meaning to re-subscribe - i guess now's the time!

  4. wow. those are some really terrible pictures. i mean, the quality is good, but the content is awful. except for you and seamus. thats adorable. as for the vegan recipes... hmm... thats tough. let me know what you come up with. also, maybe i will start a blog. huh.

  5. Thanks Katie! I forgot you read my blog now and for a minute I thought you were a photo snob looking for a fight!

    Yes! Start a blog! Especially now that you live in Fantastic Seattle and surely are knee-deep in adventure!

  6. I agree with Mary, the self-portrait is wonderful. Those pictures are pretty cool. Thanks for letting me see it through your eyes. I'm glad ya'll are safe and coolish.

  7. Sounds like we are in the same boat!! For once I'm glad to be at work! Looks like there was still a lot of damage up there... but glad to hear you made it through safely.
    Luckily the whole foods on my way home is fully stocked and we have a gas stove, so we can still do some minimal cooking.
    I'm adding you to my google reader... always like finding other Texas veg bloggers!

  8. thanks for commenting vegan_noodle! i love reading your blog, so it's an honor to have you reading mine!