Thursday, October 16, 2008

the debates are finally over

Now if we could just elect Obama president and put this whole long and painful election behind us.

Did you watch the debate? Did you, like me, think that while McCain started strong he got tired really quickly and then got stuck on the whole "who has the meaner campaign" question? I've seen the ads. Both campaigns attacked the other. We're three weeks from a close (though not as close as it once was - go Obama!) election. Things are getting tense. People are being mean. Naturally, I think the McCain campaign is way dirtier than Obama's - you're going to seriously imply that a presidential candidate is secretly a terrorist? Way to prey on the people's stupidity and racism - but you had to notice that Obama didn't once bring up Palin's current scandals back in Alaska. That was pretty classy, and McCain should probably consider sending him a thank you card.

I'm glad they finally talked about some social issues - reproductive rights and fair pay for women - and proud of Obama for standing up for women. I stand by my reasons for voting pro-choice, and this is only one of the many reasons why I can't wait to cast my vote for Barack Obama.


  1. Yay Obama! I wish I could vote...

  2. did you notice mccain's ridiculous idea that education would be helped by soldiers being able to teach as soon as they got back home without having to take any silly courses or tests? GODDAMN IT.

  3. I almost forgot about that! Yes McCain, solving the education crisis by allowing totally unqualified people to teach our kids is a GREAT idea. GRRRRR.