Wednesday, October 01, 2008

hello october!

(Warning - this is really corny, but I like lists, and I feel like making one, and this is my blog, so there.)

October is probably my most favorite month. And so, in honor of October, I give you a list of ten ways in which I intend to properly celebrate:

1. Long bicycle rides around town and on the trails.
2. Layers! Sweaters, scarves and tights.
3. Pumpkin pie. Toasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin carving. Pumpkin beer.
4. Plotting and planning the perfect Halloween costume.
5. The October Portrait Project (photo number one coming later today...)
6. Signing up for a fall share with the CSA.
7. Running on Lanana Creek Trail with the dog.
8. Reading the Twilight series, so that I'll finally understand my friends' collective obsession.
9. New episodes of The Office and 30 Rock!
10. Cozy dates, extra blankets, fresh scones and hot tea.


  1. 1. Halloween
    2. Sweaters (with you on that one)
    3. Horror Movies
    4. Big Cups of Tea
    5. Halloween
    6. Perfectly good excuse for me to use the word "Zombie" in everyday speech.
    7. Halloween
    8. Apples!!
    9. Apple Cider!!

  2. i forgot about zombies! i'm glad you commented with a list. i wanted to invite people to do that, but asking seemed more corny than i was willing to be. thanks for taking the plunge!

  3. 1. Halloween Candy!
    2. Home made Russian Tea
    4. Marathon of bad/good Halloween movies
    5. Cooler weather
    6. Sweaters on Toby