Wednesday, October 01, 2008


This is my first photo for the October Portrait Project that I'm doing with Kealy. We are simply taking a picture of ourselves every day for the month of October and posting them on our respective blogs. I hardly ever take pictures of myself so it's sure to be challenging. Photo Number One is me at my desk at work. (I don't always wear my name badge magnet thing, but I thought it would add to the mood of the picture. I'm a dork.)

Anyway. One day down, thirty to go. And if you want to do the project too, take a picture of yourself, post it on your blog, and link it in the comments! We can all be narcissists together!


  1. Very nice start. I don't have my own office, so my work self-portraits are stupid. I finally got something. I'll post it tonight.

  2. lovely badge. looks like "doghi projects '08" from here...something about canine karma?

    wonder what mine should say...

  3. ha! it actually says, "digital projects/tides." which is my department/project.

    making badges for what we REALLY do would be fun. would make it a lot easier to get to know each other too.

  4. ooo, I wish I could be my usual narcissitic self with you this month, but October is waaay too busy. Maybe next year, since I won't have my big timekiller, derby, anymore.

  5. are you retiring? say it ain't so!