Monday, October 13, 2008

unlucky thirteen

Today has been a bad day. The dog got spooked on his morning walk by some stranger's silhouette strolling behind us, which resulted in pathetic whimpering and the panicked pulling of the leash. Seriously. My dog is such a wuss. Then Nathan was grumpy, which made me grumpy. My bicycle had a flat tire so I walked to work. On lunch, I walked to the bike shop to buy a new inner tube, and when I finally got home and prepared to change out my tubes so I could ride my bike back to work, I realized I had bought the wrong kind of tube. Something about the valve. Also, did I mention that it's Monday? Because it is.

On the bright side, Obama is up in the polls, I am wearing a very pretty skirt today, and I'm about to mail out three packages which are long over due. Also! I have already taken photo number thirteen which, I feel, perfectly captures my moody wrath.

(Edited using, which is fun and easy and free. I guess this day isn't so bad after all.)


  1. i was going to say! your skirt is very pretty

  2. beautiful picture. wish your day matched that mood :)


  3. perk up petunia...tomorrow is a new day. :)

  4. I hate days like that. I'm sorry.