Friday, October 03, 2008

veep veep!

Well, the VP Debate was not quite the train wreck I was hoping for. I was impressed with Biden, especially since this was the first time I'd really seen him talk at length about the issues. Palin obviously studied hard, stuck to her talking points, and didn't say anything too outlandish, so the Republicans are seeing this as a success. The lesson here is that we should all lower our expectations considerably, so that we might never be disappointed again. Or something like that.

Also: I newly hate the word "maverick"; "folksy" also makes me want to punch somebody; did you catch when Palin referred to Joe as Senator Obiden? That was pretty funny; I was really disappointed in the way the candidates both talked about gay marriage and wonder when - if ever - politicians will start pandering to the secular vote; I really wish they had a question about abortion and the epic fail that is abstinence only education, so that Palin could talk about how her beliefs screw over women and children (including her own daughter) and how she opposes abortion even in the case of rape or incest (which even most pro-lifers are uncomfortable with); Biden tearing up about this family's history broke my heart; I am pretty sure Palin is a puppet. Literally; I like this ad that the Obama campaign has already put together. Way to stay on top of things!


  1. Yeah this "folksy" movement is killing me too. I think it started with "Dubbya" trying to come off as "a guy you could have a beer with", although it could go back even further than that, I don't know. I do know I don't like it. The people I've seen at bars should not be president. I don't want the president to fit in with "the rest of us", the *shudder* "Joe Six-Pack's". I don't want the president to enjoy fart jokes and Family Guy.

    I want the president to be way smarter than me, I want the president to be above me, to be able to talk over me. I want the president to read Wall Street Journal, and stuff (not "all of them"). Lead us, don't try to be one of us.

  2. i have a habit of writing in dialect. sort of.

    last night immediately after the debate i posted to my blog vowing never to do so again.

  3. yes. i definitely don't want to be smarter than the person who is pretty much the most powerful person in the world.

    and i think being folksy on your blog is okay, because you are not running for public office. people seem to say, well, she's a regular gal, he's just like us, it's okay to use these cutesy terms and be average and all that. but the president shouldn't be average. the president should be well above-average. but suddenly, being smart makes you "elite." when did america become anti-intellect? and when can i move to canada?

  4. also, did you catch it when she said something to the effect of: "Me and John McCain have a track record..." Huh? What, a 5 week track record?

  5. "i've been at this, what, five weeks now?" a real candidate would have been "at this" every day by paying attention and educating themselves and, i don't know, having opinions that make sense.

    at least tina fey is getting lots of new material. i love tina fey.