Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend recap and pictures galore

Austin and San Antonio was a fun little whirlwind of a trip. Here are the highlights, illustrated.

Hey Cupcake! is an airstream trailer that sells cupcakes from it's friendly little window. Luckily they had two vegan options (have you heard? I'm a vegan again, going on about a month now. A quiet kind of success!). I had a pumpkin carrot cupcake with faux cream cheese frosting and it was kick ass.

At Chuy's, I had veggie enchiladas and took a self-portrait for the October challenge in the reflection of these blue and silver orbs. Number twenty-four is hard to find, but definitely there.

After we had eaten our fill in Austin and I scored a new book about how to sew my own wardrobe, we headed to San Antonio and checked into our hotel. The hotel had these cool phones in the foyer - each phone matched the color of the wall behind it. Naturally I couldn't help but take many artsy photos. We dropped off our bags and then found an Irish pub on the riverwalk where we had dinner and I drank a beer. Delicious!

The conference itself was okay. Since I didn't have to present, I got to go to sessions. I tried to pick ones that had some digital or technology component to them, and ended up in a session about geocaching. Geocaching is so cool! Each person in the class was given a GPS unit, a quick lesson on how to use it, and then the coordinates for hidden caches along the riverwalk. We didn't find the first one, and the second one was located after some work. I really like geocaching, especially the fact that they are hidden all over the world and anytime you travel, you can go looking for new ones. I think a GPS is in mine and Nathan's future for sure.

After the sessions I took some photos of the hotel room, including portrait number twenty-five. The lighting did not translate as well as I had hoped, but that's what happens when you can't double check the photos you've taken due to your cracked screen. C'est la vie. The pictures of the pink chair on our balcony were a little bit better.

We got home on Saturday night, which was nice because Nathan got home from his Adventure Race in Tyler at about the same time. We were happy to see each other, but too tired to do much besides drink a beer and fall asleep.

The next day was all about catching up on household chores, but we did have some active type fun. Nathan and I went for a run on Lanana Creek Trail and he gave me some good tips on breathing which helped with my constant side cramps. We also took the kayak he'd rented from the school to Lake Nacogdoches and paddled around for about a half an hour. I wished I'd brought my camera, because it would have been a great daily portrait, but alas. It was at home. Instead, I took this photo right before I got in the shower.

It was an eventful three days, and now I'm back to Monday, back to work, and trying to catch up on all the things I missed, like the Internet and actual librarian duties. I hope y'all had a good weekend and are well on your way to having a fine week!


  1. It's a pretty awesome van! And the cupcakes are pretty great too. If you are even in Austin, you should definitely make it a destination.

  2. what a great weekend!

    and i love that it was documented for us. :)

  3. Good news! Hey Cupcake! is opening up a bakery/storefront on Burnet.

  4. i will document for you anytime!

    and yay for hey cupcake! i hope that they keep the airstream though. or, if they get rid of it, that they sell it to me. :)

  5. My friends here do geocaching! They love it.

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  6. oh wow i want that cupcake airstream!

  7. congratulations on being vegan again :) hope it goes well!!