Thursday, October 30, 2008

zombies in the library!

I was coming back from lunch today when I saw some students who looked... not quite right. Naturally, I grabbed my camera.

As they got closer, I noticed the blood splattered on their clothes. The gaping wounds on their faces and necks. I heard low, guttural moans coming from the group, and then one word was clear.


I kept my distance - they were slow moving zombies and seemed confused by all the people pointing at them and cowering along the sidewalk. One student, though, caught their eye. The zombies all descended upon him, the moaning chant of "BRAINS!BRAINS!BRAINS!" getting louder and more frenzied. And when they finished with whatever terrible tragedy they were writhing in and backed away from the student, he rose - as one of them!

That was right about when I decided to go back to work. I was pretty sure the zombies weren't really going to attack me and eat my brains, but I didn't want to take any chances. You can't be too careful when zombies are concerned.


  1. While I totally appreciate the fact that you stopped to take pictures of the zombies (for my amusement of course) I hope you realize the fact that you stopped to take pictures instead of fleeing or shooting them all with a gum means you're not going to last very long when the zombie attack happens....

  2. Sometimes I get discouraged with Nacogdoches, but the fact that there was an impromptu zombie party at SFA on not even Halloween warms my heart, in a terrified, chilling way of course.

  3. according to a popular internet quiz, i will last exactly 15 minutes once the zombie war starts.

    my heart was also chilled/warmed by the zombie party. this town has a way of surprising you sometimes!

  4. Your school rocks. All we ever got at Savannah was sand sculptures at the beach.

  5. yes. zombies are a nice balance between nothing and the naked parades that my undergrad college used to have each semester.