Tuesday, November 04, 2008

life list: find three new zines i really love

I found a zine that I really love! It is called "List" and it's written by a girl named Ramsey. I just got issue number 12 (or was it 13?) in the mail which, for one zine, is a hell of a lot of issues. The zine is in three parts - lists by Ramsey, found lists, and lists contributed by other people. The whole thing is illustrated by Ramsey in a really lovely, cartoon-y kind of way, and her lists were by far my favorite. It's amazing you much you can learn about a person by reading a run down of what they'll miss about Baltimore or their major character flaws. At any rate, it is a really awesome zine and I highly recommend it!


  1. oh..also, i love the illustration of her dancing with her unsure dog. ha! i love that.

  2. i was thinking...huh...lists. but then i went to take a look and i love how they are collaged or illustrated. it's very creative stuff. :)