Thursday, November 13, 2008

quick and dirty post

* I am leaving in two hours for Houston, to present at the National Conference for the Social Studies. I am a little bit nervous about my presentation, and more than a little bit excited about the fact that the keynote speaker is Howard Zinn! I'm also hoping to catch the Prop 8 protest at City Hall tomorrow at noon. Maybe I'll see you there?

* I finally wrote a sex scene for my NaNoWriMo novel. It was pretty tame, to be honest. I have decided to write my novel out of chronological order, with sections that jump around the span of 12 years. I am pretty sure this will 1. create suspense and a properly "experimental" and "artsy" style of story telling, 2. bring me safely to the realm of 50,000 words by November 30th and 3. convince everyone that I only write while imbibing copious amounts of beer and wine. These three things are all true, to some degree.

* That's all I have time for! Gotta jet, eat a bowl of tomato basil soup, and hit the road! <3!


  1. Ooh, you got me excited, thinking the protest was Friday, and you WOULD see me there....but, the protest is Saturday the 15th and I won't be downtown that day. DARN!


  2. Have a super time in H-town. I wish I could be there to protest. That should prove to be interesting.

  3. howard zinn! how is your job so freaking cool?
    also, i think it's awesome that you're going to the protest. make sure to tell us about it.


  4. great title! (i've got the dirty, but i can never pull off the quick on my blog)

    also, i second what that anonymous person awesome that you're going, indeed. have fun (and impact!)

  5. i went to the protest! took some pictures! will write a full recap tomorrow!

    howard zinn is starting in an hour! nathan is coming to houston so he can sneak into the talk! i will also write a recap about that tomorrow!

    i am so glad that people care about the things that i do and see! y'all are the bestest best people in the world!