Friday, December 05, 2008

more things

+ Last night I went to a fancy vegetarian potluck hosted by my library pals Josephine and Sean. It was a delicious affair, featuring black bean soup topped with homemade salsa, mashed potatoes and the delicious mushroom gravy that almost wasn't, vegan cornbread (a la me!) and a bunch of other stuff that I ate the hell out of. It was good. Very good. Friends + food is a winning combination.

+ Budgeting is going well so far. I know it's only been a week, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. We got rid of our storage unit ($50 dollars a month - saved!) because we finally realized that half the stuff in there could just be thrown out. Well, Nathan finally realized. He likes to save things for "projects" that he will "complete" in the "future." But seriously - how many broken laptops does a person need? I'll give you one guess. We have also drastically cut back on our beverage habits (being a beer snob is not cheap) and canceled our Netflix. We don't have much time for movies, and with the advent of Hulu and the nifty Redbox up the road, having films mailed to us seemed a little extravagant.

+ Tomorrow night, our good friend Russ Havard is having a show at the Museum of East Texas. He's a super talented artist and has exhibited his work all over the country. (Funny story - last Christmas, Nathan and I were walking around galleries in SoHo, and we randomly ran across one of his pieces. Surreal!) I'm excited to see Russ's recent work, schmooze with my friends, and wear a dress.

+ I'm trying to go all handmade for the holidays this year - that is, made by my hands or by the hands of another - and I've pretty much figured out what to make/get for everyone on my list. I need to have things in the mail by next week, so this weekend is devoted to crafting my brains out. I will try not to get any brains on the crafts, but I ain't making promises.

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