Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend in pictures

Our Christmas cactus bloomed last week for the first time. It was a very nice surprise, though I suppose we shouldn't have been quite so shocked. It is called a Christmas cactus, after all.

On Saturday, I came to the realization that while deciding to go handmade for the holidays is a fine idea, one really should start the process in July if one is to complete everything in time for Christmas. This, combined with the fact that the holiday season is (as usual) tough for my family, convinced me to go to Lufkin, where I purchased a few choice items for my mother and sisters. I found some great deals and stayed within budget, so that was good. And I still managed to craft something, however small, for everyone. A fair compromise.

After shopping, playing with the dog, and cleaning the apartment, I headed to Mary T's house. As a holiday gift to our crafting group, she was offering everyone manicures and snacks. It was my first ever manicure, and it was divine. Also divine? Champagne and blueberry lemonade. I got a sugar hangover, but it was worth it.

Sunday was all about baking cookies and working on the last of my Christmas crafts. I also had big plans to go for a five mile run. To prepare, I mapped out the run, got dressed for the run, and did many stretches prior to the run. Nathan and I made it about one hundred feet from the front door when it started pouring. And so we retreated, took off our running clothes, and drowned our shared sorrows in hot coffee. I guess it could have been worse. In the evening, we headed to Boss Rachel's latke party. I wish that I had taken pictures of the latkes, but I ate them too quickly to come away with anything other than a full stomach. The latkes were lovely, and only reaffirmed my childhood wish to have been born Jewish.

And now it is Monday, just in case you weren't paying attention. This week is going to be full of holiday parties, going away parties, and an early ending - we're heading to Kentucky and then Illinois starting Friday morning, and I'm looking forward to heading North(ish), seeing family and snow, and taking tons of Artsy On The Road Photos. I know you're just as excited as I am, and I hope that your week is shaping up to be just as good.


  1. mmmm blueberry lemonade with champagne? That sounds heavenly. I bet she put real blueberries in it, huh?

  2. Oh! I love, love, love latke! Thanks for reminding me of something I need to introduce Pfunk to.

  3. i know what you mean about trying to make things for everyone. i was planning to this year (due mostly to being broke) before coming to my senses & remembering i'm from a family of seven, three of whom also have birthdays between thanksgiving & new years. not happening. i'll be scouring the desert gift shops for a few cheap supplementary items, too.


  4. I love those gumboots! (Is that a universally recognised word, or just New Zealand?)

    Which reminds me, have you seen the promo for the new FOTC season? It's on Youtube.

    I thought it was really funny until Jermaine refers to "flip flops" when all NZers know that the correct term is "jandals" :)

  5. You know, when you first twittered "latke" I thought you had just mispelled "latte". Thus, I feel very uncultured at the moment.

  6. KB - latke is pretty awesome! i think pfunk will really like them.

    finn - next year we'll have to remind each other to start creating earlier.

    Bridey - gumboots!? jandals!? i want to go to new zealand!

    Carleen - latte and latke is an understandable typo. i still think you're cultured!

  7. Those are some sweet gumboots - we call 'em that too. We even have gumboot dancing