Thursday, January 15, 2009

color week: striped friday

Today is the last day of color week. Are you sad? Because I am. This has been a really fun exercise, and I am so thankful for Leyla, who had the good sense to organize such a fun event.

Today, we had a choice - stripes, or plaid. Naturally, I chose stripes. I was tempted to simply photograph my extensive collection of striped knee socks, but instead decided to look a little harder, take a few more chances. Stripes require nothing less.

Three bags of concrete mix stacked on the porch; my old and weathered scarf from college that never fails to keep me warm; detail on the gorgeous quilt that Nathan's mom made us for Christmas.

And that concludes this installment of color week! Have a good Friday and a better weekend!


  1. love the concrete mix....perhaps that is part of your list of projects?

  2. I am majorly impressed. I couldn't get further than my striped socks, lazy lady that I am. So happy to be introduced to your blog via this color challenge, yay! And I'm reading American Wife, too! Cheers!

  3. I think you should do you're entire collection of striped socks one day too! Just for kicks! ;-)

  4. Cool project. Great shots.

  5. What a fun project. I especially liked your pink and blue days.