Monday, January 05, 2009

oh nine! (for real)

Today is my first day back at work in 17 days. A lot has changed since then. 2008 rolled into 2009, and my Resolutions are still fresh and ambitiously in effect. We're in the midst of majorly rearranging our apartment (repainting cabinets and moving furniture around, mostly). My little Koday EasyShare died while we were in Illinois, and today I finally ordered my replacement - the Panasonic Lumix! I'm so excited to have a camera again, and the fact that it will be better than my last one is triply exciting. Look out, Flickr!

Changes are also afoot at work. Sean, my coworker and friend, left the library right before break, trading in TIDES for greener pastures and bigger adventures. While it was sad to see him go, it was also inspiring. Plus this means that soon, we'll have a new person in our midst, which will no doubt change the dynamic and direction of our little department, and change is good. Speaking of change, I have some career related goals which didn't make it to the realm of Official Resolutions, but they're in the back of my head. Write a grant that gets funded. Get an article published in a peer reviewed journal. Read more library journals and stay up-to-date with what's going on in my field. Not as exciting as running a half marathon or as fun as reading 25 books, but Being More means being a better librarian (among other things) and I'm hopeful that 2009 will be the year I figure out my niche in the library world.

Looking back, 2008 was a fairly uneventful year. Not boring, exactly. Just not the 12 months of milestones and adventures to which I've become accustomed. I didn't graduate from any programs, I didn't move across the country, I didn't fall in or out of love. I did travel to New Mexico, Miami, Oaxaca, Kentucky, Illinois, South Padre Island and Fredericksburg. I did celebrate six years with Nathan. I did run a 5K, and learn how to use my sewing machine, and win NaNoWriMo, and start mountain biking, and collect a few rejection letters, and see Howard Zinn speak. Okay, so maybe 2008 wasn't as dull as I imagine. Maybe it was actually pretty awesome. Maybe every year is pretty awesome, and 2009 will be no different.

And that, I promise, is the last time I will wax poetic about the New Year. Until TWENTY TEN, of course. Until then.


  1. You're going to love the Lumix (hopefully)!

  2. I think the Lumix and I will get along just fine. Anything is better than the Kodak!