Monday, January 26, 2009

a very red weekend

(MaryT is hosting a renegade color week, and today's color is red. So if you notice a theme below, that's why! And if you find yourself feeling renegade-esque, it's never too late to join in!)

This past weekend was very busy. Here are the highlights:

* Friday after work, we headed to the park for a dog date with the lovely Josephine, her boyfriend Chris, and their sweet pup Clementine. Seamus and Clementine get along well and it was fun to discreetly drink beers, in the grass, on a flannel blanket, as the sun went down.

* Chris collects the political paraphernalia of losing candidates. This collection might beat out Nathan's bowl of assorted stress balls. I can't decide - perhaps it's a draw?

* On Saturday, the ladies got together for a crafternoon at MaryT's house. I attempted to make a bag, but realized too late that while I brought my sewing machine, I failed to pack my plug or pedal. Oh, well. On the bright side, I did manage to measure and cut the fabric for the pattern, which is my least favorite part of sewing.

* After crafting, MaryT made me a delicious dinner of orzo, spinach, and cherry tomatoes, seasoned with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. So simple. So scrumptious! I bought my own orzo the very next day and cannot wait to recreate.

* The Church of Skatin' met Sunday morning for 45 minutes of wheeled exercise, followed by an hour of coffee and chit chat. I like my weekly soy latte very much.

* Also: blueberries and strawberries on sale at the Kroger; organized kitchen cabinets; making pesto with pecans because that was all I had, and it was good!; cuddling with sleepy dogs; making lists and crossing things off them; lots of entrants in the contest (have you commented yet?); being nervous for my first day of class (tonight!); and looking forward to a busier week ahead.

Have a good one!


  1. You're so well-RED! Har har. Even though Clementine is not red, I love the picture of her the most. I am considering becoming a dog-napper.

  2. i had to sneak clementine in there. she was just too cute to leave out!

  3. Clementine. I love this dog name. And oh so cute she is.

    Good luck with you're first class!

  4. i love puppies, parks, and lattes. :)

    ooh! first day of classes! i think you're going to love it.

  5. of skatin'...i love this strange language that you speak.

    i'll be thinking on my contest-winning lucky magic word for a bit. got to double our chances over here, ya know...unless of course one of us goes selfish on the other in regards to the winnings... if things go in that direction, a fight could break out even if we only end up with postcards - and they happen to be so wonderfully pretty and so terribly coveted (for one or the other's bunk decor), that we engage in a hostile covetous pretty thing conflict.

    we'll see. anyway, in the meantime, enjoy your color gathering.

  6. what a great picture of clementine! thanks for the dog-date and the shout-out to clem.
    she sure was sleepy afterward!

  7. Why hello! Searching for "teal kitchenaid" (don't ask) and there you are. How lucky am I to have stumbled in! I'm a brand new MLS student and the fact that I randomly find you, you who also reads I Blame the Patriarchy, is awesome! All Hail the Tubes!

    I'll definitely be hanging around and seeing what it's like for feminist librarian out there... and maybe you'll let me pick your brain someday. And crafternoon and church of skatin'? Brilliant.

  8. hi polli! i am happy and amused to know that "teal kitchenaid" led you here. perhaps the kitchenaid people will send me a free one to thank me for highlighting their product? maybe? we can hope.

    i hope you stick around and pick my brain. being a feminist librarian is fun and not as hard as it sounds - it's a fairly lady-friendly profession. being a young librarian is actually the tricky part, but it's also temporary. :-)

  9. "Sway" as is is used by the Argentineans to describe a woman with appealing hips and an engaging walk!