Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happy birthday nathan!

Aw! Two pictures of us, from the Valentine's day party we attended this past weekend. We clean up nice!

Also: today is Nathan's 28th birthday! I'm working a half day in honor of this momentous occasion. We're planning to do various fun things this afternoon and then sit down to a special dinner, which I am way looking forward to preparing. I love birthdays, even when they are not mine, and even though Nathan is not half as excited as I am. I do right by birthdays, and they never fail to do right by me.

Happy birthday, Nathan!


  1. aw, happy birthday Nathan! I especially like the picture on the right. Very cute!


  2. Happy Birthday Nathan! I hope you have fun spoiling him today. Gib's is on Friday, and I've got lots of plans too. Have a great day together :)

  3. Beautiful picture!!

    Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

  4. I read your birthday wishes out loud to Nathan, and he blushed and said thank you. Birthdays are the best!

  5. Awww, how sweet. The first photo is my favorite. Nice boots!

  6. Oh ... Happy Birthday, Nathan!