Thursday, March 05, 2009


I was planning on running my first 10K in Tyler at the end of this month. I'm 99% sure I'm scrapping that plan, mostly because a camping trip and a wedding (both out-of-town events scheduled for Spring Break) have used up my travel and expense quotient for the month. I'm okay with that. There will be other 10Ks in my future and anyway, more time to train means that maybe my priority can shift from simply finishing the race to actually finishing in a decent time.

Speaking of priorities, I'm trying to figure out how to make time for mine. Besides relationships with friends and family and dog (which I've got a handle on) my main priorities are writing and running. Since I've enrolled in my writing class, I've been a lot better about writing stories. I'm producing things - not as much as I'd like, but way more than usual - and I'm reading lots of books and short stories, which is just as important. You can't be a good writer if you're not a good reader. I got invited to join a local writers' group (first meeting is tomorrow!) and I'm really excited about that. So things on the writing front are picking up.

As for running, well. I would really love to run a half marathon before the year is up. I think 13 miles is not an impossible goal and that, with enough consistent training, I could complete the race and not die the moment I cross the finish line. The hard part is finding time to run. Between work, yoga, writing, friends, relationship, reading, dog walking, and travels, fitting in a five mile run three times a week is nearly impossible. And so, priorities must shift. I'm considering running in the morning, before work. This would require waking up at 5:45am. While I'm fine with waking early, the idea of waking early and then immediately going for a long run is daunting. Should I eat before I run? Should I sleep in my running clothes? Is coffee a terrible idea? What if it's dark, or cold, or raining? Should I run at the Rec Center instead? Can I really run, shower, eat, take care of the dog, and still make it to work by 8:00am? So many questions. I guess they only way to answer them is to try an early morning run and see what happens.

So that's my goal for next week. I'll let y'all know how it turns out. And if you have any tips or suggestions for finding ways to fit in everything that matters, let me know.


  1. A writers group sounds fun...good for you for joining up...enjoy!!

  2. after reading this i'm going to go and take a nap.

  3. Pfeiffer - thanks! From what I can tell, it's a great group of people. I hope they like me!

    Zay - please. You're the Fitness Queen!

  4. If anyone can do this, you can Chrissy. You've got the spirit! I was never an early morning person until I started early morning runs, which started after I got my dog. Chani was such an energetic little pup, she needed as much exercise as possible. So I figured, while I was out, why not do the run now. Sooner or later, it just becomes routine. Just wait, you'll be adding an early morning yoga routine to the run and dog walk and you'll never want to go back. Sleeping in your running gear can help get you out of bed quicker...definitely recommend that.

  5. thanks for the encouragement carleen! the more i think about it, the more it doesn't seem quite so impossible. i'll wait on adding morning yoga to the mix though - one step at a time! :)

  6. Does Seamus run with you yet? My friend (who is a runner) trained his dog not to stop on walks ... even to pee or smell. I'm not gonna lie, it was heaven walking with him when I dog sat. He does his business when he gets home and off the leash.