Friday, April 17, 2009


+ I got invited to read a short story that I wrote for my class at a student reading next week. There are only five of us reading and I am the only graduate student. (I feel weird calling myself a graduate student, since I'm only taking one class a semester and don't plan on getting a degree, but I have to admit that "graduate student" sounds better than "writer-disguised-as-librarian-posing-as-student.") I have not read anything out loud at any sort of reading in years, and I'm pretty nervous. But if you're going to be in Nacogdoches next Thursday and are interested in hearing my voice waver and crack, you should check it out.

+ Speaking of Facebook, I've been working hard to uphold my end of trading words for yoga. In addition to the monthly newsletter, I've taken it upon myself to create a fan page for Morning Glory Yoga Studios, as well as revamping and updating the blog. I like doing this sort of thing - using my Internet Powers for good, promoting my friend's business, spreading the word that yoga is awesome. At the very least, my karma points are surely going through the roof.

+ Last night for our weekly Lost + dinner date, I made two recipes from VeganYumYum - Sweet Chili Lime Tofu and Apple Pie Coffee Cake. Both were a huge hit, through only the cake was pretty enough to be photographed. I was too busy eating cake to get the pictures off my camera - maybe later, unless I get distracted by leftovers.

+ So far, 17 of you (!) have voted in my poll and a clear winner has emerged - I shall not have a beer until next Wednesday. Which will be hard, yes, but knowing how many of you actually care about my self-imposed challenge will make it that much easier.

+ Today is Friday. Tomorrow is lots of things - a 5K race at 8:00am, a free yoga class at 11, a plant sale in between. Tomorrow is also supposed to be stormy, with lots of rain. Which would put a damper on all my outdoor activities (ha!) but I can never begrudge a good rainstorm.

+ I am thinking of getting this haircut - what do you think?


  1. you should totally get that haircut! it's so cute!! i'm a big fan of cutting off my hair too...obviously. haha! seriously, letting my hair stylist boyfriend cut off all of my long hair was pretty much the best thing i've ever done as far as my appearance goes. short hair is just so much more fun! can't wait to see if you go with the chop!

    and i hope you have fun this weekend with all your plans!

  2. Great blog! I love it! And I definitely approve of the haircut (even though I don't know you and don't know if it's "you" or not). It's cute!

  3. i'm so glad you reminded me about tomorrow's 11 o'clock yoga class! i'm glad it'll still be going on even though the weather will be iffy.

  4. @jasmine - thanks for the encouragement! i haven't had short hair in years and i'm still up in the air about going back. it's scary!

    @positively - i don't know if the haircut is me, but it could be!

    @zay - see you at yoga!

  5. I love that haircut! If I had straight hair, I would get it. That recipe looks so good. I need to mix up the tofu recipes in our house. We're stuck in a rut.