Wednesday, April 15, 2009

to drink or not to drink

(Funny how I never run out of photos of bottles of beer.)

My experiment in sobriety is drawing to a close. But before I can kick back with a cold drink and look back on the last few weeks with a sense of sober accomplishment, I need help figuring something out - what, exactly, makes a month?

I started this challenge on Sunday, March 22nd, which means the last beer I had (a home-brewed beauty!) was on Saturday, the 21st, at Neil's after-wedding party. (Whoa - has it really been that long?) I am inclined to say that four full weeks equals one month, which means I could celebrate my accomplishment with a bottle of wine on Sunday, April 19th. However, a month can also be defined as more than four weeks - that is, the 22nd of March to the 21st of April. Yes, it's only a matter of three days we're talking about here, but I want to do this right. (Mostly so I won't have to do it again.)

And so I come to you, dear Readers. I have created poll in the sidebar of this blog where you can vote on this very important issue. Thanks in advance for your help and support!


  1. How do you feel after a month of sobriety? Was it worth it?

  2. Physically, I feel about the same. I am not typically a heavy drinker, but I am fond of dark beer and red wine. Mentally, I found that I do not, in fact, need a drink or two to socialize or enjoy myself at a party or show. Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised! I plan on blogging more about this (and about how it feels to drink a beer after a month without) next week. Hopefully I'll have more insights then!

    Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Go the full 30/31 days. You've already gone 28, what's another three?

  4. I know, I know. And that's probably what I'll do - especially considering the vote is currently split right down the middle. I don't want half my readers thinking I'm not for realz.

  5. Wow! That's awesome!!! I couldn't do it, but it sounds like you're doing great :)

  6. If the month ended on a Friday, I would say go for it, but since it doesn't, you might as well do a full month.

    Oh wait! That's the mom in me who only goes out on weekends. ;-)