Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend, wrapped up

In the midst of polenta-infused excitement, I forgot to tell y'all about the rest of my weekend. Don't worry - it was a relaxing weekend, so this shouldn't take long.

Friday: went to Writers' Group, where I ate cheese-less pizza and read a short story - an unpolished attempt at humor. We were going to see some musicians from Costa Rica perform, but were running late and Nathan, pulling the theater snob card, refused to walk in to the performance after it had already started. That was a bummer.

Saturday: the monsoon that was raging over Nacogdoches paused just long enough for us to race in the Run for Life 5K that wound through campus. My goal time was 25:30, which would come out to just under 8:30 minute miles. I ended up finishing the race in 25:22, so I was really happy. My calves, on the other hand, were not quite as thrilled. For the rest of the weekend they were tight and achy, and only now - Monday afternoon - are they beginning to feel normal. Sorry, calves.

After the run, I went to a yoga class at the Rec Center (for Earth Day!) then ran to my car in the monsoon (which had resurfaced). The rest of Saturday was spent watching Jericho on the Internet (so bad, but so good). That night we saw a modern dance performance - Light the Lamp at the Lamplite Theater - which was a lot of fun. (We arrived early.)

Sunday: played disc golf first thing in the morning, so the dog could get some quality time with Pecan Park. Went food shopping, did laundry, baked a cake and made polenta. Revised a short story that I wrote in the beginning of the semester, critiqued stories for class, played Scrabble, took the dog (and the calves) for a leisurely after dinner walked. Wished for longer weekends, and went to bed pleased with life.

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!


  1. Wow! That sounds like a busy weekend! :)

  2. i LOL'ed a little at (we arrived early) :)