Friday, May 29, 2009

three cheers for the universe

I've been getting these Notes From the Universe delivered daily to my inbox for a number of months now. I always read them, and occasionally I share them. This morning's note was particularly timely and inspiring.
Which sounds like more fun, Chrissy: Being showered with miracles just because I love you, or being showered with miracles because you dared, stretched, went out on a limb, raised the bar, threw down the gauntlet, faced your fears, and grew into more than you ever knew you could be?

Dare ya,
The Universe
Lots of changes are afoot in this little life of mine. Progress, challenges, hopes, dreams, opportunities, and risks. Today, I'm submitting a story to two different magazines. Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt my first ever ten mile run. This weekend, I plan on dancing and laughing my ass off at the annual Nacogdoches Luau. Next week... well, who knows? I'll tell you who. You. All in due time.


  1. i'm excited to witness what miracles are visited upon the universe by the illustrious chrissy! maybe your first miracle can be staying awake through BSG... ;)

  2. I was really only half awake through the last half hour. But yes. Finishing the wonder that is BSG is first on my list of things to accomplish. :)

  3. i love this, chrissy! you're so excited and ready to take on everything! isn't that the best feeling everrr?!? i think i may need to sign myself up for notes from the universe. isn't the internet the coolest? we're so lucky.