Wednesday, May 27, 2009

recipe: vegan blueberry scones

(I'm going to do my best to write this post without making any "let's get sconed!" jokes, but I'm not making any promises.)

Scones and I have a long and tumultuous relationship. It began my senior year of college, when I went vegan for the first time and spent too many nights when I should have been studying for finals holed up in the kitchen, baking batches of chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter bars. A good plan, but unfortunately every single thing I baked came out of the oven looking and tasting exactly like a scone. Hard, dry and, while not unpleasant to eat, not exactly what I was aiming for.

Years later, once I moved to Nacogdoches and went back to eating dairy and eggs, I became slightly addicted to the scones at Java Jacks, a little coffee shop in town. I liked dipping the scones in my coffee while I used their free WiFi to trudge my way through library school. Even now, I can't go into that place without thinking of PowerPoints and MARC records.

Now that I'm back on the vegan wagon, and now that I've mostly mastered cookies that actually look and taste like cookies, I found myself missing scones. So, with my best friend Google, I found a promising recipe and gave it a shot.

I made blueberry scones, because those are obviously the best kind. I followed the recipe exactly and ended up with six scones, but I have to admit - while they were very tasty, they weren't quite the right consistency. A little too mushy in the middle. To me, a scone must be firm, dry, able to soak up coffee at a dunk's notice. I'm planning on making this recipe again, but next time I'll make twelve smaller scones and leave them in the oven an extra five minutes. Then, we'll be in business.

In the meantime, let the records show that between Nathan and I, all these scones disappeared within one day. Perhaps we're already in business?


  1. What's a little mushiness? Looks delish!

  2. making vegan scones is always a hit and miss with me. i've missed more than hit, but when i was good!

    keep at it!

    bobbie :)

  3. Love Scones and these scones look very good.

  4. But do they travel well? That's my question for you. Oh ... you don't know? Well, you could easily test it by mailing me some ASAP!