Monday, May 04, 2009

weekend of food, basically

My weekend started with a Saturday morning yoga class. The class was bittersweet - Saturdays are one of my favorite classes, and Kim - the instructor - was teaching her last one. She's headed to India later this month, and while I'm happy that she's pursuing adventure and intrigue, I'm sad to see her leave the studio. To wish her bon voyage (and to say goodbye to Jennifer, another instructor bound for North Carolina) Amy hosted a lovely brunch directly following class.

Amy (who owns the studio, and happens to be one of my best friends) is also a vegan, so there was plenty of delicious things to choose from. Above - hummus, pita, fresh fruit and a vegan potato and onion frittata. Very good to eat. Not pictured: coffee and never ending mimosas.

This is what happens when I have two or three mimosas at 10:30 in the morning. Photo shoot in the bathroom!

We were also dog sitting this weekend for the MRTs. Molly was, as always, an ideal house guest. The only problem we had was early Sunday morning, when a crazy storm raged outside the window, putting Molly into a panting panic. She is not fond of storms. Seamus, on the other hand, left the bedroom for the couch in the middle of the fuss. I guess Molly's panic was keeping him from his beauty rest. On the bright side, the storm seemed to exhaust Molly because she spent the rest of the day catching up on her sleep. Oh, to be a dog.

The storm knocked out our electricity for a few hours, which was kind of fun, but by lunch time we were back in business. Good thing, too, seeing as we had tons of laundry, bill paying, paper writing, apartment cleaning, and cooking that had to be done. I used Eralda's recipe to make some really kick ass granola - my first homemade batch ever! I had it for breakfast today and it is de-lish. If you want the recipe, let me know and I can email it to you. Suffice to say, it's full of nuts and seeds and all kinds of goodness, plus the house smells heavenly while it's in the oven.

For Sunday dinner, I made Lolo's latest recipe. I always seem to make her recipes as soon as she posts them, and I am hardly ever sorry. This dish is pan-fried gnocchi with asparagus tips, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and canned artichokes. Despite using almost all of the substitutions she mentions, the recipe was definitely a winner.

Speaking of winners, you might notice that my dinner photo is less crappy than usual. Nathan got tired of watching me photograph things in poor light while our food got cold, and he rigged up a desk lamp on the corner of the counter, dubbing it my "mini-studio." Mini it is, but I'm already liking the better lighting and the shadows. So yay Nathan! And yay Vegan Yum Yum! And gnocchi! And weekends!

As always, I hope your weekend was just as tasty.


  1. mini studio! that rocks. and i giggled a little at your 10:30am mimosas SP :)

  2. i really enjoyed the saturday brunch. all saturdays should begin with yoga and brunch with mimosas.

  3. @stephanie - it was amazing! i recommend any recipe from - you just can't go wrong.

    @ki.p - i'm sure you'll be seeing more of the mini-studio. also, i'm glad to make you giggle. :)

    @zay - right?! what are we going to do next saturday???

  4. Your dinner photo is lovely!

  5. Here's link for a $10 DIY photo box that'll give you some fantastic lighting.

  6. @jen - thanks! it was also tasty, which is possibly even more important! :)

    @michael - that is awesome! i think i'm goign to try and make a little light box, just big enough for a plate of dinner. thanks for the link!

  7. Hooray for Nathan's rigged mini studio (how sweet)! And your delicious cooking! Also, that granola rocked my socks. I need the recipe stat. And finally, thanks for dealing with Molly's panting fit; I know exactly how it's impossible to sleep through them, but she and MRT and I are very grateful for your patience with her. Do they make xanax for dogs? Something tells me they do; I fear Molly has inherited anxiety issues from me!

  8. I forgot about gnocchi! Thanks for the link. And ... you are right. That granola kicks some serious ass.