Monday, June 15, 2009

blueberry drama pie

Saturday was the annual Texas Blueberry Festival, also know as The Day of Reckoning for the pie contest which I've been talking and tweeting about for weeks now. Even though this was my first ever attempt at a blueberry pie, I couldn't help but have high hopes. The pies were judged on presentation, taste and creativity. I was excited and nervous as I approached the place where my pie would meet it's fate, but I was also confident. My pie was vegan. It contained lemon zest and nearly two cups of vegan buttery spread. It had stars! What's more Texas-y, more creative, more awesome, than a pie topped with delicious, buttery stars?

Friends, meet my competition.

Um, yeah. A blueberry pie, topped with a blueberry road, which winds past an oil derrick and a billboard spoofing the Chick-Fil-A's advertisements that are ever-present in East Texas. When I saw that pie (not to mention the equally dazzling ones surrounding it) my heart sank. My blueberries wept. I entered my pie, but my hopes had been dashed.

Needless to say, I did not win the blueberry pie contest. I did, however, bake a pretty kick ass pie, which Nathan and I devoured over the course of two days. There is some solace in that. I also have ideas for next year's pie (hint - it will NOT feature an oil derrick) and I had a lovely time at the Festival itself. Despite the heat and humidity, it's always nice to walk around the square, visit vendors, people watch, and stuff my face with seasonal fruit while running into all my friends. For some really wonderful photos of the day, check out my friend Eralda's blog. She is amazing with a camera (not to mention her talents in the kitchen!).

I hope y'all had a fine weekend, filled with your own starry eyed treats, sweets and adventures. I'm off to finish this cup of coffee and dream of summer days, swimming holes, and fresh pies.


  1. I wish I could have a piece of that pie now! It looks delicious!

  2. That is the most charming and delicious pie I have ever seen! I don't want to eat a blueberry town or road or train. I want to eat the one that looks like PIE and has STARS on it!

    you are full of WIN, my dear!

  3. This is no Texas pie. It is an impostor! The entrant should be d-q'ed for the following reasons: 1. that's a windmill, not an oil derrick 2. Chic-fil-A is a Georgia establishment 3. Texas raises cattle for meat. This is a Holstein dairy cow. 4. Everything may be bigger in Texas, but no self-respecting ranch home would ever be that tiny.

    Chrissy wins!

  4. Who wants to eat a stupid oil derrick? Not me! You pie takes the cake.

  5. yeah, it kind of looks like an oil derrick with a windmill on top of it. but i could be wrong. also, my "stars" are actually flowers, but they were starry enough for me. really though, i think the TASTE of the pie should be the deciding factor, and let me tell you - my pie was delicious. hmph.

    thanks for the kind words, friends. i'm glad to know i am number one with the people who count!

  6. I love love love your pie. I am also absolutely sure that it tasted great, given all the other yummies that have come out of your kitchen. You have my vote! for next year too. :)

    Also, thanks for your kind words about my photography and the food. You are a cup-filler (you know, a person who inspires, and makes people feel like they could fly to the stars).

  7. The pie you brought over, you know, the starry one just like this one, was AMAZING! Bryan and I fought over the last piece :)

  8. I love your pie! It and you are positively adorable.
    I've just stumbled upon your site today and am so excited. Your stuff is great! Thank you for your work. :)

  9. Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate your kind words. :)