Tuesday, June 02, 2009

june writing goals

But first, let's review May:

1. Write one new draft (3K or more).
Technically, I finished a new draft this morning. It was just under 3K, but that is not counting the thousand words I scrapped earlier in the story. Success!
2. Revise one old draft.
I revised the hell out of a story for my fiction class in the first week of May. I like it a lot now. Success!
3. Submit to one contest.
I found that deciding to submit to a contest is harder than it looks, as a person needs time to find contests that are 1. appropriate for her work and 2. don't require a $20 entry fee. While I did not enter a contest, I did find some good leads. Half success.
4. Submit to one journal.
I actually found two journals that seemed promising and accepted simultaneous submissions, so I submitted to both of them. Increase my chances and whatnot. Double success!
5. Read one novel or collection.
Finished The Virgin Suicides while camping and learned a few things about collective first person narrative. Success!

Not bad at all! I am very much liking these monthly writing goals, and the fact that I have to report my accomplishments (or lack thereof) here. Which brings us to June.

I have already woken early to write two days this week so I'm off to an excellent start; Strange Fruit was the name of my senior project for my BA - a collection of short stories. They were okay stories then, but with a little polishing and a lot of rewriting, I feel like they could be much better stories now; and submitting, reading, and writing are going to show up every month, because if you want to be a good writer, that's what you've got to do. It's true!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for posting your writing accomplishments and goals! I have to admit, you've unintentionally guilted me into pushing myself to photograph more. Hell, maybe I'll even post some goals of my own.