Friday, July 17, 2009

greetings from jerseyville!

If you don't follow my Twitter account, you might be wondering why I'm in Jerseyville or, better yet, where for love of all that is sacred and holy Jeseryville is. It just so happens that Jerseyville is located in Southern Illinois, close to St. Louis; that Nathan's parents live here, amid fields of corn and prize winning cucumbers; and that Nathan's mom worked out a way for us to fly to this strange and lovely place in order to surprise his father with a week long visit. His dad was indeed surprised, and now I am in the middle of enjoying Illinois again, this time from another angle. So far, we've been to a waterpark, a county fair, a botanical garden, and a brewery. Tomorrow, we're working on the land (my in-theory-laws own 10 acres four miles from their house and are beginning to grow and raise things on it) and on Sunday, I'm helping his mom choose baby chickens for their newly built hen house. I've been taking lots of photos and will be posting them to the 'net as soon as I return to Texas.

Until then, friends, until then!


  1. awww ... I loved having chickens. I had one trained to come when I snapped my fingers and she would go to sleep in my arms.
    I can't wait to see photos.