Monday, July 27, 2009

weekend happenings

+ Friday night I headed to Mary's for a small craft night. I embroidered for the first time in months and it came out not terribly. I missed embroidering, not to mention crafting with my lady friends.

+ We did not go riding on Saturday morning. I convinced Nathan that we should sleep in and make vegan french toast instead. The french toast was inedible (too soggy!) but the sleeping in was glorious.

+ After breakfast, we cleaned and cleaned and then cleaned some more. I now have a very clean apartment, and this makes me very happy.

+ Saturday night was Vicki's surprise birthday party. The party featured a scavenger hunt, an evil cat which had stolen her gifts, a heroic parrot which led us from bar to restaurant to bar on a hunt for the evil cat, and a lot of delicious drinks and food and company. I like silly, creative birthday adventures, and Vicki's definitely delivered.

+ I woke up Sunday at 5:45am slightly hungover, but determined to meet my running partner anyway. I was supposed to run ten miles, but as I had no time to eat before hand (and was, as I mentioned, slightly hungover) I decided to run five instead. Not too shabby, but also not ten. I didn't feel too badly about it.

+ By the time I got back from the run and had breakfast, my slight hangover had resurfaced with a vengeance. The rest of Sunday was dedicated to eating sourdough bread from the farmers' market and watching season two of Mad Men. The only time we were not completely slothful was when we went geo caching around town on our bicycles for about two hours. It was drizzling and cloudy, which was nice, and we found most of the caches, which was even better. Then it was back to toast and television.

That was my weekend - simple, sweet and restful. How was yours?


  1. sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Your weekend sounds perfect, minus the hangover and too soggy french toast!

  3. You ran 5 miles with a hangover and no food what-so-ever?!

    I don't even do that with food and no hangover. Impressive!

    I'll have to dig out my flaxseed french toast recipe for you. It never fails to please.

  4. thanks KB! and please, send me the recipe. i am dying for some vegan french toast!