Sunday, August 30, 2009

makeover: office edition

I am a very neat, compulsively organized person, who has created a place for everything and likes to put every single thing in it's place. (If a place is not, in fact, available, then a tidy pile will do in a pinch.) While my idea of heaven may be a colored coded, clearly labeled smorgasbord of cataloged pleasures, the fact of the matter is that I live on earth, and I live with a man.

Let me take you on a tour of our office.

In our defense, we had just gotten back from camping and hadn't gotten around to putting everything away yet. On the other hand, we own too much crap and don't have nearly enough closets.

When the room is already a wreck, it's hard to keep even my own area as neat and tidy as I like. I am so ashamed.

God! The horror! The agony! (But aren't the curtains cute?) What? You can't see the curtains due to all the CRAP? Crap. It's time to head to Lowe's and purchase an affordable and sensible solution to this problem.

Ahh. Much better.

A neat desk area! With a lazy boy, which is not buried under a pile of empty water bottles, which Nathan might need when the shit goes down!

Nathan's corner and computer and closet. Now you can fully appreciate the curtains.

The shelf, which made all of this possible. Yes, the shelf is now full of things that are exposed and visible (a pet peeve of mine). However, things are off the floor. I can reach both the camping stove AND the hammer without getting lost in a wilderness of pre-apocalypse supplies. And best of all, I feel calm, happy and centered when I walk into our office, instead of scared, frightened and ashamed.

Thanks for taking the tour!


  1. Yay!! Looks great, y'all. Nice curtains, btw!

  2. Sigh. I wish I had been this productive this weekend!

  3. it looks terrific! great job!

  4. Yesterday must have been the day for clutter meltdowns. Looks incredible :)

  5. "the fact of the matter is that I live on earth, and I live with a man." so true. so true. we are in the midst of mega apartment makeover (mainly motivated by Gib's g'parents visiting for the first time ever.) I should do picture before/after too! And yes, them some cute curtains :)

  6. Now can you take on the Runnels' studio?? Hooray for shelves!

  7. Thanks everyone! The shelves were a boon indeed.

    Also, I must defend Nathan against my own accusations. He is actually very clean and does have his own "method" of "organization." It could be a lot worse, and I do consider myself lucky. That said, if there is no apocalypse within my lifetime, I am going to be awfully annoyed about all these supplies.

  8. Still love those curtains! I stressed with you during the tour. Clutter makes me cranky. Yay for new shelf and organized spaces!

  9. What happened to the tool bathroom? ;)

    I hate out in the open storage too and also have way too few closets.
    Your curtains are uber cute.

  10. What happened to Nathan's workbench? I like this makeover very much indeed. If only Matt would get inspired by this, I would force him to stare at this entry for twenty minutes straight. But until then, I will have to make a plan to acquire our own apocalypse shelves.