Monday, August 03, 2009

weekend - busy edition

Seamus wonders and worries about how we can possibly fit everything we have planned into one tiny little weekend.

This weekend was a busy one, but Seamus worried for no reason. We did indeed fit everything in, and even found time for some relaxing. Here are some pictures and stories:

Saturday evening was the Literary Reading and Vegan Bake Sale, which Amy and I organized and hosted at the yoga studio. I went a little overboard for the sale, and baked two chocolate cakes with raspberry frosting, a fudge pecan pie, blueberry bars, and peanut butter cookies. If I ever see a bag of sugar again, it will be too soon. In addition to my offerings, we received numerous donations, including more cookies, cupcakes and a bunch of other delicious and decadent dairy free desserts. It was pretty amazing.

As much as I love a vegan cupcake, the readings were the highlight of the evening for me. We had nine readers, each adding to a wonderful mix of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. I emceed the evening and read a short story, which went over pretty well. As much as reading in front of an audience scares the living daylights out of me, it's also exhilarating and inspiring.

Sunday morning I slept in just a little bit and then went for a ten mile run on Lanana Creek trail. I keep waiting for ten miles to become easy, but it never does. After I got home and cleaned up, we had coffee at the park with the dog, where mushrooms and rain lilies were sprouting up everywhere, due to the humidity and rain we've had the past week. Seamus ran around and we talked idly about what we wanted to do with our day. (One thing was for sure - I was not baking a damn thing.)

We finally decided to go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I snuck homemade popcorn into the theater and we rode there on our bicycles. When we left the movie, it was raining again, but luckily we live less than a mile from the theater. My first reaction was to pout, but then I decided to embrace the rain and ended up having a fun, wet little ride home.

After the movie, we lazed around the house, ate a pot of spicy black bean chili, finished season two of Mad Men, and took the dog for a long walk. When we got back, we were all exhausted by the weekend. Seamus sums up this sentiment very well.

See, Seamus? I told you we could fit everything in and even have some time leftover to relax on the couch. You should learn to trust me. And I should learn to apply my weekend magic to my weekday life - Monday has brought an array of tasks and appointments for which I am less than prepared. So if you'll excuse me, I have work to do and cupcakes to dream of.

Happy Monday!


  1. your bake sale and reading sound amazing! congratulations on organizing such a successful event! you should be proud of yourself.

    and i can't get over the fact that you went to college with regina spektor. that is SO cool! i'm so happy to hear that she's just as sweet and nice in real life. that's always the best!

  2. thanks jasmine! you are sweet. :)

  3. It was such a fun evening! Also, I love Seamus. He is such a baby!

  4. Hi! I found your blog via Secret Society of List Addicts (yay!) and just wanted to say that I recently (January!? Maybe not so recently...) started a blog because I moved and rebooted my life as well, so I know the desire to make sense of it through writing (or at least make fun of it through writing!).

    And congrats on reading your work in front of an audience! Must've been exciting. :)

  5. When you figure out how to make 10 miles feel good, you let me know. I always feel good afterwards, but not always during.

    Congrats on the reading. Wish I cuold have been there.