Tuesday, September 08, 2009

long weekend

Y'all, I have been BUSY. Between working, running (half marathon in just over a month! Eep!), and my dwindling social life (re: work and running), I have not had time to sit still, let alone conjure up any adventures to share with you. This past three day weekend could not have come at a better time.

On Friday we went to the art gallery for the First Friday Film. This month, they were showing a flick called Breaking the Maya Code. It was a little school-marmish, but interesting never-the-less. Did you know one of the people to make the most progress in understanding Mayan writing was a librarian? True fact!

On Saturday, Nathan and I went riding with the bike shop. I rode just over 20 miles and it was hard. I need to be more consistent with my riding. In the afternoon, we went to Lufkin with Amy for some honest American consumerism. I both hate spending money and like having new things. It's a conundrum, but as I desperately needed a number of essentials, new things won out.

On Sunday, Nathan and I went for a 12 mile run. This 12 mile run ended up being an 11 mile run for me, which was okay but not great. You can read about it on my training blog, if you are so inclined. Basically, I learned an important lesson in pacing myself.

In the evening, we headed to Scott and Chay's for our weekly Mad Men soiree. There, we enjoyed lots of delicious food, fancy drinks, and good friends. One of the highlights was Mary T.'s fresh, homemade freezer jam. I was so impressed and inspired that on Monday...

I made some freezer jam of my own! Delicious and easy as pie. Or jam. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that this week, raspberries are 4 pints for 5 dollars at the Kroger. Get thee to a grocery store and make some jam, stat! You won't be sorry.

And lastly, check out this Cicada Killer that was killing a cicada (shocking, I know) right outside our window. Nature is so crazy!

Nathan made a video, too. He's such a scientist.

I hope y'all had a pleasantly busy and refreshingly relaxing weekend. I know I did, and I can't wait for the next one.


  1. in NZ labor day takes you off!

  2. OMG are they really called Cicada killers? That is intense.

  3. yes! i guess when you look and behave like that, there is really no name more fitting.

  4. I have yet to produce strawberry freezer jam. I need to get on that.