Thursday, September 24, 2009

selfish superpowers

Today while eating lunch, I figured out what superpower I would choose, given the choice. First, a disclaimer:

My power has been chosen under the assumption that super-ness is limited to abilities purely selfish - that is, a power that would do you, personally, a lot of good, but couldn't necessarily be used to save the world, spread education, feed the masses, fund the libraries, prevent pollution, repopulate the ocean with whales, etc. No, your power would be used for you, and you alone, to elevate your life in some fantastic and glorious way.

Now that that's out of the way.

If given this choice, I would choose the power of Spontaneous Food. Picture it: you sit at the table, close your eyes, and imagine what you would most like to eat at that moment. Sweet potato rolls from the Japanese restaurant in town; your Mom's chocolate pudding pie; Tofu Benedict with home fries, cooked to the perfect crisp; succulent kiwis, green and juicy; a vegan banana split; steamed and salted edamame. Any of it, all of it, instantly, served at the perfect temperature and plated beautifully, and you'd never have to lift a finger or wash a dish ever again.

Yes, Spontaneous Food is the way to go - at least for me. What would you choose as your selfish superpower?


  1. If spontaneous food (and the oh so desirable magical cleanup) is already taken, I'll go for spontaneous clothing!

    Oh that would be good. No laundry, no shopping, no budget, no "this doesn't fit anymore."

    Why, I'd have time to save the whales and teach the children!

  2. Didn't they have this food maker on Star Trek? :)

  3. But then the joy of cooking goes out the window! And I find chopping vegetables to be very relaxing!

  4. @VictoriaMia - Spontaneous clothing would be my runner-up. Oh, to never have to stare at my closet in despair again!

    @Zay - You shut your mouth. I have never see this Star Trek show of which you speak. Well, except for that episode with the tribbles that Nathan made me watch.

    @Mulleina - I would probably still cook on the weekends, because I do enjoy the process. I just enjoy the end product more.

  5. You'd have to have the power of self control to go along with it ... or at least I would.