Friday, October 23, 2009

friday +/-

+ The gorgeous weather that blew in and caused me to bust out my scarf collection for the first time this season. Oh Autumn, I've missed you!
+ Resting and relaxing with nothing but short, easy runs. My reward for the half marathon. :-)
+ Lunch dates with friends that I don't see nearly enough.
+ My department seems to be climbing slowly out of our black hole of despair. I'm exaggerating, yes, but things are looking up. I even got to drink a soy latte at the coffee shop with colleagues as part of our Professional Book Club. Too bad I haven't started the book yet. ;)
+ Watching Wolverine with Nathan, on my laptop, in the parking lot of the laundromat. Bad movies are better when you can share them with someone you love.
+ Working a half day so I can start my weekend early by heading to Austin with Mary T., for two days of lady times, a baby shower, and delicious food.

- Our washing machine needs a piece replaced, and the fix-it guy can't do it until Monday. Thus, spending too many quarters and one long evening at the laundromat.
- Having an existential crisis, which involved major contemplation of a PhD and a career in professorship, of the English variety. Still contemplating...
- Feeling guilty for taking an exercise break, and then feeling guilty for feeling guilty.
- Falling behind on my reading for creative nonfiction, even though I really, really like the books we're reading.
- Knowing I'll miss Nathan and Seamus while I'm in Austin, canoodling with lady friends and eating delish food. I promise to bring back a vegan cupcake!

As usual,  I appear to come out on top. Yay! Where did you end up this week?

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  1. Where I will end up this week is yet to be determined...

    Have fun in Austin!