Tuesday, November 24, 2009

merry early christmas to me!

Last Thursday, Nathan informed me that he had ordered me a Christmas present and requested that I avoid closely examining any boxes that might arrive in the mail. I rolled my eyes because we'd decided not to do presents this year, but secretly I was glad. Who doesn't like presents?

Later that day we drove around for an hour with some friends in the Davy Crockett National Forest, searching for the Earthship a New York friend was helping to build, but to no avail. (Nathan found it the next day, and it sounds like we won't have to live in one after all.) When we arrived home, disappointed and tired, I hopped out of the car and walked to the front door. And what should I see on the stoop but a package that had been delivered by FedEx, unwrapped and plainly visible for anyone to see.

(This photo is an approximation, obviously, as it's wrapped and clearly not in a box. But you get the idea.)

When I saw the box sitting there, I turned to Nathan, my mouth hanging open in shock. He took one look at the package, and said "Fuck." Now, I understand his disappointment - he's a broke graduate student, he saved up for months to buy me the appliance of my dreams, and he couldn't wait to see the look on my face when I opened it on Christmas day. All those plans, ruined by one lazy FedEx employee. On the other hand - I HAVE A KITCHEN AID MIXER! And we all know how I feel about Kitchen Aid mixers. (Also, I can put off marriage for a while longer. While I'm sure that wasn't Nathan's intention with this gift, one must wonder...)

I have already used my mixer once - I made pizza dough on Sunday night and it was awesome. And while the surprise may have been ruined, my excitement, glee and unadulterated joy have not been dampened one bit. This is officially the best present I have ever received in all my life - even better than the water cooler Nathan gave me for my birthday three years ago! - and I am so glad to have a nice, caring and generous boyfriend. Not to mention a Kitchen Aid mixer.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hooray! Happy Christmas to all and to all, a full stomach. This way you can make Nathan delicious edible presents and the gift keeps on giving the whole holiday season long. The gift-wrapped kitchen-aid is hilarious. Gee, what could be inside?! :) Yay y'all!

  2. Way Cool! I expect to see even more delicious pics of yummy cupcakes very soon!

  3. That is the Red Ryder Air Rifle of cooking/baking adults.

    It's got a compass in the stock!

    That is awesome, you are so lucky! Most lucky of all to have a Nathan who's such a great partner. Yay love. And Kitchen Mixers!!!

  4. I've seen the spectacular mixer in person. Nathan did good!

  5. Awww! When he posted this on FB I was wondering what it was. Stupid FedEx. Well, Merry Christmas! LOL :)

  6. By the way... cheese grater wrapping paper? WANT!

  7. OMG! I want one too. I've been looking at goodwill, but I have no idea about brands or types and I'm not getting married anytime soon.

    SO jealous!

  8. Hey how'd that thing work out for the pizza dough? One of those has been on our (Melissa and I's) list for a long time, but we have had a hand mixer that still worked.

    Well, it worked fine until this past weekend, when it would occasionally stop working as we mixed the dough for sugar cookies.

    It appears the purchase of one of these is looming. Maybe we can put it off a little while, but I fear that not many recipes will be completed before the hand mixer dies completely.

  9. Hey Nate! The mixer worked out great for dough, and for everything else! I used it a ton for Thanksgiving. It's really easy to clean and you can walk away or straighten up the kitchen while it's doing it's thing. I love it!