Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LGRAB summer games: social cycling

For my first entry in the Let's Go Ride a Bike Summer Games' category Social Cycling, I went on a group ride. Specifically, I rode a 30 mile out-and-back route with the local Bike Shop on Saturday morning. This was my longest ride of the season to date, and it was challenging but pleasant. I really like the Bike Shop rides - they go a different route every Saturday, and they're a little more recreational than the group we ride with on Tuesday and Thursday nights (IE, I can almost keep up!).

One of my favorite things about these rides, which I've mentioned before, is how different everything looks from the back of a bicycle. Nacogdoches is a fairly rural area. The city center, where the college and our apartment are located, is nothing special, but when you get just five miles outside of the city limits everything changes. There are sprawling ranches, cattle and chicken coops, long and quiet country roads, and the smells of tall pines, flowering plants, and fertilizer (yum!). In a word, it's beautiful.

Also beautiful? The following sight, which greets us at the end of each Saturday morning ride. The Bike Shop sets out mimosas, fruit and other breakfast items to reward us for our hard work and (I suspect) to keep us coming back. I'm not complaining. Saturdays are my favorite ride of the week, and I would look forward to them with or without the mimosas!

Stay tuned for my second entry in the Social Cycling challenge. The remaining challenges are as follows:
  • Leave a friendly note on a bike, or say hi to a cyclist at a red light
  • Schedule a bike date with a friend or partner — dress up!
  • Recruit a non-biking friend for a ride
  • Take a ride with your family
I'm leaning towards getting dressed up and going on a bike date, but haven't completely decided. What do you think I should do? I'm open to suggestions!