Friday, December 03, 2010

friday +/-

The time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so strange. It feels like a non-stop holiday, except for the fact that we have to go to work every day like real live grown-ups. Oh, well. Less than three weeks of work, and then I'll have ten glorious days off for the winter break. Gotta love the perks of working at a university!

As for the perks of the past few days, here's my weekly scorecard. 

- We finally had to break down and turn on our heat last weekend. I was hoping to hold out until December 1st, but Texas finally cooled down this week and at night, it's gotten into the 20's. There was frost on the grass this morning when I went running! Those super low electric bills were nice while they lasted.

- Calvin is getting neutered on Monday morning. I have to drop him off at 9am and I don't pick him up until Tuesday! One of his testicles never descended, so the surgery is a bit more complicated, and the recovery will take an extra week. I am not looking forward to keeping an 8 month old puppy subdued for ten days, but we don't have a choice. :(

- MFA application deadlines are looming and there is still a ton left to do. I thought I started the process so early this year, but somehow it's already December and I haven't made nearly the progress I'd planned. The next two weeks are going to be intense. Don't worry - I'm sure you'll hear all about it!

In better news!

+ Between Cyber Monday and a trip to Lufkin, I am about 75% done with my Christmas shopping already. This is an all time record me for. Usually, my Christmas packages arrive mid-January.

+ I have gotten so many interesting, kind, and helpful responses to my survey! I wish I could give you all a copy of Veganomicon but alas - there can only be one winner. If you haven't taken the survey or entered the contest just yet, you have until next Wednesday!

+ While I'm not a fan of cold weather, I am a fan of how much faster I can run when it is not 85 degrees and humid. My paces this week have been downright awesome, and I'm really looking forward to the local 5K I'm running tomorrow! I PR'ed at the Jingle Bell race last December and I'm crossing my fingers for a repeat performance.

+ I'm getting a haircut today after work! Not exactly sure what I'll end up with. I know I'm growing my hair out, but I need something in between that less resembles a shaggy dog. (I love dogs, I just don't want to look like one!) I have a bad habit of putting haircuts off for about... oh... seven months. ;)

That about sums up my week. How did yours pan out? I hope that your +'s were plentiful and that the weekend is full of more! Happy Friday!