Monday, February 07, 2011

A Rocking Weekend

I saw this snow man in a friend's neighborhood during Ice Day 2011. Gotta love Texas!

I had a great, busy, fun and fulfilling three day weekend, thanks to our surprise snow day on Friday. Here are the things I accomplished: 
  • Nathan and I cleaned the house from top to bottom, which it so desperately needed. 
  • Went out for sushi on Friday night, which we did not need but did anyway. 
  • Attended a 90 minute yoga class on Saturday morning, which was excellent. First exercise since the marathon and my body held up wonderfully. 
  • Ran four miles on Sunday (first run since the marathon!) and felt awesome. I missed running this last week, but the rest was necessary. After my run, I did a few sets of stomach crunches and felt the burn in my poor, neglected core.
  • Took the dogs on a long walk yesterday and even let Calvin off leash when we got to a field. He did pretty well and was not lured away from our sight by smells and/or squirrels. Good dog! 
  • Had a meeting with Elma to discuss swapping our skills. She's going to help me redesign some of the elements on my blog and I'm going to help her with content for her art website. Yay for bartering!
  • Hosted a game night and came in second in Scattergories. Next time I shall crush the competition!
This also happened:

Now that the marathon is behind us, Nathan and I are getting back to some of the other sports and activities we put on hold during the peak of training. First on the list was rock climbing. When I first met Nathan, he was an avid rock climber and one of the first times we hung out, he invited me to come along on a trip to a cliff near our campus for a day of climbing. Even though I barely knew him and had never climbed in my life, I let him strap me into a harness and trusted him to not drop me on my head. Risky, but isn't that the nature of love?  I didn't break my head, I enjoyed the feeling of chalk under my nails, and I got an eight year (and counting!) relationship out of the deal. Works for me!

I fell in love with Nathan and climbing at the same time, so getting back into the sport is a little romantic - or as romantic as you can be while wearing a harness that feels like a diaper. Luckily, love is blind! The rec center on the campus where I work has a pretty nice wall and we headed there Sunday afternoon with Elma and George - talented climbers and a big motivating factor when it comes to making time for the wall. I am very much out of shape as far as climbing goes - I could only make it to the top of three "easy" routes and totally cheated my way up the last one. Also, I always remember half way up the wall that I'm afraid of heights. The more I climb, the less afraid I become, so I guess the answer is to climb more often. A good plan! We're going to try to climb one week night and once on the weekend and then, when the weather warms up, take a weekend trip and do some outdoor climbing, which is the best kind.

And even though I got a lot done over the weekend, there is still a long list of things I need to do ASAP. Pay the bills, finish the yoga newsletter, submit my last grad school application, figure out what to get Nathan for his birthday (he'll be 30 in just 11 days!), and keep up with my February goal of writing 1000 words a day (so far, so good!). I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a painless and productive start. See y'all on the other side of my to do list!