A list of blogs that I read & love on a regular basis. You should, too!

Personal Blogs (kind of like this one)
Life, Love, and Food: Rose-Anne meditates on relationships, careers, and thoughtful consumerism.
Nothing but Bonfires: Sporadic but hysterical posts from a bitingly funny writer with a serious soft side.
Raveling Out: Smart and sharp, Kate writes about her life, which includes teaching, running, and popular culture.

Fitness & Foodies
Eating Appalachia: Gorgeous photos, delicious food.
Feels Like Flying: Rose-Anne's weekly workouts, running adventures, and race recaps.
Kohler Created: Great photography and Paleo recipes from a Crossfit coach and website designer.
(Never)Homemaker: A long time favorite, Ashley focuses on running and vegetarian recipes. Her family blog, Writing Chapter Three, is also great.
Post Punk Kitchen: Best vegan chef in the world! Isa's blog and cookbooks changed my culinary life.

Inspiration and Style
A Practical Wedding: You don't need to be actively battling the Wedding Industrial Complex to enjoy these ruminations on relationships. Also, I will never get tired of looking at beautiful, unique weddings. 
Feministing: Your daily dose of feminist news and issues.
Ploughshares Blog: A great blog about the writing life.
Shots of Hennessey: My super talented sister's wedding photography blog.
Yes and Yes: A magazine-style blog full of interviews, inspiration, and bits of prettiness.
Young House Love: Everyone's favorite DIYers, plus they seem like super sweet people.